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Home is not just is a place of residence; it is a place where one feels safe and comfortable, and long to be in under any circumstances. It has always been one’s final destination no matter how far one ventures. At Maywell, we believe in designing homes that make you feel close to nature, close to heart.


Interior Design Decor Singapore Home Living & Bedroom


Our Concept 5 Home Design focuses on the 5 key areas of a home, namely the living room, dining area, bedrooms, study room and outdoor (balcony, roof access, garden etc.)


The objective of the concept 5 design is to blend nature into your life and leverage on the natural elements to energize you the moment you step into your home. To give you the feeling of relaxation and free from the commercial influences which you are bombarded with all day long.

Interior Design Decor Singapore Home Living & Bedroom

In our design, we utilize natural wood to create and build your home furniture; deploy artifacts, paintings and accessories to add excitement and ambience to the surroundings; use plants and water features to beautify and energize your balcony, garden etc. The outcome is a total integration of the different parts of your house into a transformed home – a resort like experience that enhances the quality of living and bring about well-being and tranquility!

At Maywell, from conceptualization to implementation, our dedicated team of professional designers, contractors and carpenters deliver with pride and joy high quality services at very reasonable cost.



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